Is there a web server on the BBB

I notice something comes back on my port 80.

Is there a real web sever serving that page thats coming back, and if so, where is its htdocs directory (the filespec I mean)?

Take a look at:


I’ve got an Apache2 server at (ipaddress):80.
But I don’t remember if that was by default or I added Apache2 later.


Probably the nodejs thing for bonescript. Can’t recall where the pages are stored

An accessable htdocs location that you can serve html files from that will pop out on the BBBW’s (Rev C) is at:


Now we don’t want to corrupt the web server setup that comes stock with Angstrom, so make a directory in this directory. Call it htdocs or maybe your name. It will have a funny URL but you can access it, giving you the ability to quickly serve static web pages from your BBBW. As far as I can tell there is an apache2 httpd running somewhere that is listening to port 80 on your BBBW and this is where it serves its web pages from (its structured a little funny, but still accessible). The URL would be:

My next question is, is there existing a CGI-enabled directory similar to this that if I don’t mind a funny URL that I can call some C programs from it. I just want to evaluate, and I’ll do it the “right way” later.