Is there anything preventing this screen from not working with the BeagleBone Black?

Since Chalk Electronics is having trouble making their 7 inch screen, I am wondering if this screen (using this tutorial) will work with the BeagleBone Black. While the power is fine, my worry is that they have different versions for original Bone and Pi (which is this one), yet they say any HDMI source could be used with this screen. Also, will the HDMI-LVDS be a limitation for the BeagleBone Black? If not, then I am guessing it should work.

It would probably work, but I don't see where any LCD panels are in
stock from Chalk (or do you have one already?). I just went through
this process and decided on a cheap Chinese raw HDMI panel from eBay
(see the following link and many others):

I'll report on my success or failure getting it to work, but it
probably won't be here for another couple weeks.

I thought about trying to find an LVDS driver board, but the LCD
panels do not have a really standard interface so if you don't want to
update the PCB you would always be having to update the PCB to LCD
cable to match whatever panels are available that week. With HDMI,
it's pretty safe to say you will always be able to find some small
monitor with HDMI in aimed at car entertainment or dSLR preview,.

- --
Charles Steinkuehler

Thanks for the update, I didn't find thison Ebay.

Sorry...I miss the old days when the eBay link just had the item
number. I just did a search for

  lcd touch hdmi

and a bunch of stuff popped up. I got a $78 panel with touch
interface, ebay item number: 181133984981

I can't endorse it because I don't know it will actually work yet, but
it looks promising. There are several other sellers with pretty much
identical panels as well. You can also save about $20 if you don't
want the touch screen, or get versions that come with a KB and Mouse
(targeted to the Raspberry Pi, but they are standard USB/HDMI and
should work fine with the 'Bone as well).

- --
Charles Steinkuehler

I got the 7" HDMI panel in, and it works OK with the BeagleBone Black.

Out of the box, it defaults to HD 720p (1280x720), which considering
there are only 800x480 actual pixels, requires a pretty significant
shrinking of the display and makes small text pretty unreadable.

If I set video=HDMI-A-1:720x480@60 on the kernel command line, the
setting seems to 'stick' for both the kernel boot screen and the
eventual xfce desktop (I'm using RCN's Debian with xfce, YMMV on
Angstrom!). This results in scaling, but it's stretching a bit
horizontally, which is much more legible than squeezing a 1280x720
display on to 800x480 pixels!

I'm still working on getting a 1:1 display working, but I'm OK with
the 720x480 if that winds up being the best I can do. The PCB800099
controller board and RTD2660 controller chip seem pretty common, so
I'm hopeful I can either get a custom resolution output by Linux, or
configure the driver board to just put it's native resolution in the
EDID and leave out the 720p resolution that requires down-scaling.

Angstrom: I yanked my SD card and tested with the 6/20 official
software. Once booted, in the GUI I am presented with three choices
for display resolution: 720x480, 720x576, and 1280x720. The 720x480
looks the best, which is no surprise given that it is the closest to
the native display resolution.

I'm still using a mouse and haven't tried the touch-screen, but it's a
standard 4-wire resistive panel, so it should be fairly straight-forward
to interface to the 'Bone (I'm figuring I'll just ditch the included USB
adapter). I even Googled a part number on the touch interface and found
docs that look like the right ones: