Is this normal: INFO: recovery required on readonly filesystem

First, I am really appreciative of the resources provided by Robert
Nelson! I was amazed at how easy it was to bring up my new
Beagleboard-XM the other day with Ubuntu after following the clear
instructions provided by him. I was also amazed when I was able to
use my existing Eclipse installation on a host machine to target the
XM processor with a "hello world" type test program that executed
correctly the first time.

I am curious about some boot up messages. I have searched the group
messages and found references to similar topics, but was not able to
find anything to indicate if this is a sign of a problem or not:

Sometimes when I boot, the following messages occur:

Nothing to be really concerned about.. On bootup it saw something it
didn't like, so it repaired it.. Most likely occurred from a pull
power plug shutdown or a power reset..


OK, thanks. It is possible it has only happened once so perhaps I
forgot to shutdown before I powered off.