is this the official Beaglebone group?

I just found out about the BeagleBone Google Group. I’ve been trying to get a forum (not mailing list or Google group) setup for BeagleBone for some time, as newbies are kinda fond of the forum format. The forum would be a categorized place for newbies and I’d want to keep the the primary developer list.

So, I’d never planned on having a Now that this list exists, it puts me in a bit of a quandary. Monitoring multiple mailing lists for spam and moderating new members seems a bit of a hassle to me, as well as leaving some folks in the dark if they aren’t on the right group.

If you think this list is good, please let me know explicitly why you think it is so good to have a second list and perhaps I’ll personally endorse it. As it stands right now, I consider it a bit rogue and distracting. It isn’t that all forks are bad, but I’m unlikely to spend a significant amount of my own time monitoring it (and will likely CC: in every single one of my replies) simply because I want information about the project to be relatively consolidated such that no one feels left out if they want to be in-the-know.

Hi Jason, I sent you an invite to this forum right around the new year to get your thoughts on this matter, I was wondering if the email went into your spam folder or something. If you decide you want to take over as owner I would be delighted to hand it over. I definitely understand the rouge and distracting aspect also. My goal was really to have a bone specific discussion to help filter out BeagleBoard issues that don’t apply to the bone.

If this Google group can be configured to point to the forum you intend to build that would be fine.

If you want some help putting a forum together I am a web software guy and I’d be happy to help - no charge. If you’ve got a hosting server that’s cool, or we could try Amazon EC2 for a free year: There is plenty of free forum software out there.

If you don’t feel like endorsing this forum we could flag it as “rogue” so you don’t have to endorse it, worry about it, or waste time on it. It’s entirely up to you.

I didn’t receive an invite either and I designed the board!.


I like the idea of a separate BeagleBone forum. I'm a Linux/BeagleBone
newbie & I find it helpful knowing that what is being discussed
applies directly to the BB.