iSCSI to USB bridge


After playing around with iSCSI using my Synology NAS I’ve been amazed how convenient iSCSI actually might be if used with other devices. I’ve multiple devices that are able to stream or play games from USB drives, but do not support network connectivity. My idea is to try to use a BeagleBoard that supports USB OTG as an iSCSI to USB bridge. I’ve also been looking at using my Raspberry Pi, but since that does not support USB OTG I guess it’s out of the question. :slight_smile:

While mounting an iSCSI target is no big deal in Linux (Ubuntu), I’ve no idea on how USB OTG works. I’ve not been able to find much information regarding this either, but I know apps like DriveDroid on Android manages to mount an ISO as a mass storage device or CD-ROM.
Is it possible to present an iSCSI-disk as a read-only USB drive? Any information on how this is done using BeagleBoard and Ubuntu (preferred)? Would love to wrap this up as a simple solution for all to use once I’ve got USB OTG to just present a drive as a mass storage device… :slight_smile:

I know my way around Ubuntu and the terminal, but kernel and hacking drives are above my skill level just yet.
Any help would be highly appreciated!

Are we talking about a beagleboard, or a beaglebone ? I’ve done iSCSI last year with a beagelbone black, but oddly enough iSCSI implemented on it was slower than NFS. BY a full megabyte a second or slightly more.

As far as presenting the drive to the outside world as a mass storage device. you would use g_multi( maybe g_mass? ), but I’m not positive. I’ve not yet used g_multi yet on a whole usb drive.