Issue with Mcbsp driver for Beagle board XM

Hi ,

I am currently working with audio configuration on Beagle Board XM Rev B for ThreadX RTOS.

The beagle board xm has TPS65950 as the audio codec, which is connected to the core through McBSP 2.

  • I have written Mcbsp driver and it works fine in loopback mode.

  • I have written I2C controller driver to configure the TPS65950 audio codec, I verified the I2C driver by writing data to a particular offset on the Audio Codec and read it back and it gave the proper data that was written.

Now the problem is, i configured the audio codec as per the programming guide on data manual of TPS65950 for a play back scenario but i am able to hear only the POP noise that occurs when the audio chip is initialized and then i don’t hear any sound at all on my headset.

Following is the Mcbsp register dump and the Audio register dump