Issue with multiple USB microphones, can't record sound


I’m trying to record audio from 3 USB microphones, using ALSA.
When I connect 1 USB mic directly to the BBB, everything works fine. It gets recognized and it records without any issue.
However, when I connect the 3 USB mics to a USB hub (that connects to the BBB), the microphones aren’t detected by ALSA. The microphones are connected and powered, they are listed by ‘lsusb’, but ALSA does not recognize them as sound cards and so, the mics can’t be used to record sound.

I’ve tried changing ALSA related files (config files), but the mics remain undetected. If I connect just 1 mic directly to the BBB, it works without any issue.
Has anyone here with more experinece with ALSA knows what’s going on and has any suggestion to solve this?

It could be simply a power problem---how are you powering your system?
If you're drawing extra power for your USB devices the usual advice is
to use a) powered hub b) use the BBB power jack and c) use externally
powered USB devices (like hard drives).

segunda-feira, 18 de Maio de 2015 às 14:48:58 UTC+1, Przemek Klosowski escreveu:

I agree, it does look like software. Does this setup run on your
desktop PC? I'd debug it on desktop and then start looking for
differences vs. the BBB. Sound is tricky: at the moment I don't have
sound on my own desktop (I think it's a confusion between the
motherboard sound card and the HDMI sound) and I have failed fixing it
so far.