Issues With I2C and Beagle Board Black?

Both with the BBB and the BBBW I have been unable to detect any I2C devices. both have Debian 8.6 images (the most recent one I believe).

My device is properly wired with the CL going to P9_19 and DA going to P9_20 and I used a multimeter to ensure its powered properly.

I’ve tried all the I2C pins on the BBB and whenever I run i2cdetect -y -r # (my i2xdetect-tools is the most recent) all I get is either a blank matrix with a couple of UUs or a completely blank matrix.

I am a beginner and I get the feeling that what I am missing is something very basic, if anyone else has been having this issue please let me know how you solved it!

The i2c devices Ive tried are: HTU21D temp and humidity sensor, and an ADS1015.

What is the value of your pull up resistors on SCL and SDA?


George, how about you give us step by step of exactly what you’re doing to try to get this working. Assuming Gerald’s suggestion does not work out for you.