Japanese Android book

Can anyone comment in English on the quality (usefulness) of the
Android book mentioned here:
http://d.hatena.ne.jp/rinie/20110110/1294607364 ?


IMHO, the book is very comprehensive and practical.

It covers principal Android porting, basic application
development, device driver development, and bridging
between driver and application.

Infra-red communication, Web camera and GPS are used
as samples how to make use of devices with Android on

There are some articles [*1] written by one of the writers
on the Web. They also focus on Android on Beagleboard.
Of course in Japanese, but you can try free translation
service on the Web.

[*1] http://itpro.nikkeibp.co.jp/article/COLUMN/20101019/353162/?ST=android-dev

Hope this helps you a bit.

Literal translation of this book's title is
"Embedded Android learing from the basics"

This book is very practical and highly recommendable.

Amazon Japan's page.

publisher's page.

Chapter headings are as follows,

01 Embedded Android Overview
02 Required preparation for Embedded Development
03 Basics of making applications
04 Hardware control by Android SDK
05 Application making with Android NDK
06 Porting Android to real hardware
07 Making device control libraries
08 Internal structure of Android
09 Controling Android via Infrared remote controler
10 Infrared Camera using WebCam
11 Displaying map using GPS receiver
12 Robotic control via audio output (voice command)
13 Internet kiosk using WebView

I think it's worth translating into English or other languages.

Satoshi OTSUKA

I can hardly wait to get the English version to my hands!
Who will be the brave translator/editor?

Best rest of 2011 to all from the after CES Las Vegas,