Javacomm Serial RX/TX on the BeagleBone Black

Hey guys, so I’m working on a project involving the Xbee Series 2 radios and the BeagleBone Black. I’ve been trying to install the Javacomm Serial RX/TX on the BeagleBone Black, but I’ve been running into a number of issues. I was wondering if anyone else had done the same previously? What I am basically aiming to do is transmitting packets between the Xbee radios while interfacing with the BeagleBone. Any help with this would be appreciated.


The easiest way is to use ser2net (serial to tcp server), and on java side TCP client socket…

Here is my version RXTX for ser2net:


Hey Arsi,

I am pretty new to microprocessors and all of this stuff in general, so could you elaborate a bit more?