Jesse lxqt, 4.3 CAP lcd - Incorrect mouse cursor

Hello All

I am need of some help with getting the touch screen working correctly with the below configuration

Custom Cape with Newhaven 4.3 capactive touch screen
Image: BBB-eMMC-flasher-debian-jessie-lxqt-armhf-2014-11-19-2gb.img
Kernel: 3.14.26-ti-r41

The system boots up and the desktop appears correctly, however, when I touch the screen, the mouse cursor hardly moves, I installed evtest and the touch screen is showing the correct data when different sections of the display is touched.

I am using the built in kernel driver for edt-ft5x06 chip for touch screen

How/where do I configure the desktop to use the touch screen as input or use it as a mouse ?
Do I need to any additional packages installed in order to achieve this?




Except, i haven't wired it into lightdm to load it by default yet with
the Jessie Image.


Thank you Robert,
I do not know if this is correct, but since the lightdm.conf has no settings enabled in this image, I just copied the lightdm.conf file from the lxde image and it is now working.