Jessie Image fixed ethernet issue, but reverses SPI pins and device tree overlay does not help


I had posted yesterday about an issue with the ethernet not coming back after you unplug the ethernet cable. I was recommended to upgrade to the Jessie images as they use conman. This was great, it fixed my problem.

But now I have another bug. The Rx/Tx pins on SPI1 seem to be flipped. Attempting to modify this in the device tree overlay does not seem to work.

Does anyone else have this issue? Have you successfully been able to fix this issue?

For me, I’ve already got hardware built. So at this point I can’t work with the pins being switched. But I need that ethernet bug fixed.

Thanks for your input!

- ti,pindir-d0-out-d1-in: Select the D0 pin as output and D1 as
        input. The default is D0 as input and
        D1 as output.


That is interesting. I haven’t seen that option before.