Join BBBdrone cape project

Joining the open source project BBBdrone? Let us know!

We are currently looking for people who wants to start/join the OpenSource BBBdrone project.

Our aim will be a affordable BBB cape that together with a BBB and 3D printed frame can be controlled by a Android/Apple phone/tablet.

Funding by Kickstarter or indiegogo

Why would this need to be “funded” by kickstarter or indiegogo campaign? Me personally this turns me off the project regardless. How is this going to be better/different than the current AP’s on the market, such as APM, UDB, PixHawk, Paparazzi, Open Pilot or the many other proven solutions? What kind of testing is going to be done and currently done to prove the AP software/hardware? How long has the flight software been developed? What limitations will this board have? What control algos are being used?

Hello Don,

If we want to have a professional BBBdrone I do not think many people will Join lacking stuff that matters. For development and protyping there must be a fund. Or are you going to pay for PCB manufacturing, 3D frame models and others?

Thanks, received some applications. Will gather some more and see if we can for a team with the needed skills/knowledge.

BBBs are proven hardware, Agile software development can do the trick

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lol ok. Well wonder how all those other projects managed to do it with super small teams and no “project” funding and became as successful and huge as they have, most starting with 1-2 people. To me its a step back using kickstarter or indiegogo for something like this and screams we want to do this for ourselves but will only do so on someone else’s dime. Not sure why the only thing you answered was in regards to your funding plans. The rest of the questions were actually much more important unless I have missed some post on the list where this is all laid out for all to see. What does this offer that proven open source solutions or their clones do not currently, can you even compete with their solutions? Or are you trying to reach a different market? What are you currently using to prove this would even make a good “cape” ? Do you even have a rough proto? Are you targeting fixed wing, multi, both or? How many flights are you on already? What control algos? Are you going to be forking code from the hard work of the other current solutions to jump start yours or?

what sensors do you intend to include? I’d vote for a cape with the following:

invensense mpu-9150

bosch BMA180

Skytraq Venus638 GPS

one more differential pressure sensor tbd - for pitot-static airspeed measurement and stall sensitivity.

note I think there’s a place for building a simple cape filled with sensors specific to autonomous vehicles some of which that may fly. I see software as a seperate issue.


Was I asking about the BBB ? No I am asking about your “cape” You seem to be missing the actual questions

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