JumboImage Booting and TSC

I've got the JumboImage runing on the XM Beagelboard.
I'ts only when I want to custimize booting for a different Screen
resolution the resolution falls back to 640*480 no matter what I try.
Is the default setup hd720 like for the Demo-Image?
It could be the xserver overrides the choosen value from uboot.

Also when I connect the touchscreen. It gets recognized and I can
calibrate it with the tool but the values do not make an effect.
I can not find where the values get stored.
There is a mention about three different ways to callibrate a TSC but
not which one is used. The xorg.conf does not work, because as soon as
I change this file with a section for a touchscreen the xserver will
stop working.
Defining rules does not work eighter, there is a rulesfile by default
but no values for callibration.
The third way it says is not yet implemented.

It's a bit stabbing in the dark.
Any one more succesfull?


Are you referring to the Super Jumbo from Always Innovating? Please be
more precise in your naming :wink:

Regarding the screen resolution, the default of the SuperJumbo is:
1024x768. If you want to change it, you need to add a boot.scr at the
top of the first partition. Read this:

Here you have a script for 720p resolution:
The corresponding binaries is here:

As for the touchscreen, please explain in which OS you are trying to
make it work. First you need to make sure that the kernel has the
feature you need for your hardware (if not, you will have to
recompile). As for X, we are not using anymore ts even on AIOS. evdev
is not a much better and simpler choice,

Grégoire Gentil
Founder Always Innovating