just a reminder: playing with barebox on the beagle (xM)

as i've mentioned before, if anyone wants to experiment with the
next generation "barebox" bootloader (http://barebox.org/), i've at
least taken the time to configure and build it for my xM, and have the
xM booting to barebox -- haven't yet added a kernel or rootfs yet,

  i have a set of barebox wiki pages here:


where you can see the links to the xM-specific pages if you want to
play along, and especially if you have an xM and want to work ahead
and add a kernel and rootfs to the mix and let me know.

  in particular, because i was interested in the details of the xM
boot process, i added debugging and started documenting the initcalls
invoked -- that page kinda got away from me:


but it's educational to follow the initcalls for the MLO to see what's
done there before barebox itself kicks in.

  comments? additions? suggestions? more to come ...