Just bough the A6 bone. Comments.

I’ve had a bit more opportunity to get to know the Bone a bit now and I’ve stepped into a few problems along the way. I think everybody should be aware of these things so I will be looking at editing the wiki’s:

  1. Angstrom’s opkg upgrade never seems to work. In my case it broke beaglescript files in /etc. A guy on IRC mentioned this to me - thank you sir, that saved me a lot of time. I now look into how to upgrade interface facing services with opkg such as ssh manually and individually.

  2. The info LED’s that are so useful when running over ethernet didn’t seem any use when plugged in by USB and trying to use the serial interface. AFAIK the serial interface is not as low level as a JTAG and actually requires the O/S to have booted. With no lights and no interface (just no feedback from minicom, gtkterm or screen) I found it very hard to diagnose as to why the Ubuntu image was not booting. In the end I’ve gone back to Angstrom. I will look into using chroot to get into a bigger distro and keep up with security updates since opkg upgrade isn’t safe to use as yet. I would really like to see some of really low level info such as the boot stages via LED. Am I missing something in the manual?

  3. I don’t know what’s going on with that Windows USB driver. Hopefully something easier or self adapting to all versions of Windows will come along? I’ve ended up just using a prebuilt demo Angstrom image and using ssh or linux to save time and effort. I read a few posts mentioning need to edit the .inf but that didn’t work for me. I think it good to mention this for anyone running Windows - you might find it simpler to just skip this and use ssh or linux.