Just curious, why does R220 on bone rev A6 solve the PHY problem?


The Board Revision Changes for revision A6 show resistor R220 being added as pull-down to the nInt pin.
I applied this patch to my patched A3 board that would only boot at 10 Mbps, and voila, now it works again at all speeds.
And it also lights the yellow LED at 100 Mbps.
Q: Where did the information for this patch come from, as it's not in any of the datasheets or AN's I could find.

-- Bas

It is not a patch per se. To make the LEDS work like they are suposed to requires a puldown on one of the mode pins. That inverts this pin, which has an internal pullup, which causes the issue. We had to add the pulldown to take care of that inversion.