just verifying one way to test an SD image for the xM

We will certainly do that. We are in the process of posting a smaller image file as well. I will add more information on this.

If I try to ZIP the current image using WinZip, it says I do not have permission. If I use 7-Zip it zips fine.


weird. in any event, perhaps it would be a good idea to use a ".7z"
suffix for images compressed with 7-zip. if i'd seen that, i'd have
certainly tried 7-zip to get at the image. but since i assumed unzip
was the way to go, i'll admit trying 7-zip would never have occurred
to me.


For what it's worth, unzip totally blows it on this. I took the
result from unzip and 7z, both the same size but different MD5sums,
and split them into 100MB pieces. Comparing them side by side
one gets:

$ diff -u md5sums.*
--- md5sums.7z 2012-01-18 10:22:45.738574018 -0700
+++ md5sums.unzip 2012-01-18 10:21:53.828966276 -0700
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
  730fda602c70a571d71790f710819060 xaa
  626e5beb299cdbf2ddc6d469f648b937 xab
-5f11662eec15c4de81c3bc0bb37a8039 xac
-8b9cdf667b68d31d2e47e71ae4234d97 xad
+8be33b9282f08430f0d50bafa87c3028 xac
+837b4453cca11c2293cb2e8d1f17fbb1 xad
  256c379fddd31aa9416b02b81ae69d1d xae
  3241d6450315927971b1e19476a68844 xaf
  c8cb8f821bb85fd15dcf4a3ab7869fc6 xag
@@ -24,15 +24,15 @@
  2f282b84e7e608d5852449ed940bfc51 xax
  97d4964eae5eee02d58d9714f641f6bb xay
  90df5b48a702ea85165622cb7d0bdb84 xaz
-e44feb74955f482c92a265366e8e95cd xba
-3f0cfa7f2383cf729a30264b48d3acd5 xbb
-2fb252e96093694c7d1868e4b845bc5b xbc
-9b7f8fdb1b55249e74c47abf32923ced xbd
-506c77151e8afbf838333fe900456a6f xbe
-20d8788097560bc92b97f401c4bf52cf xbf
+4ca057f33001e9bf634b375e8239ff0d xba
+b86809809ecc8162f18e30fefc1e1b5e xbb
+59b5261cf1940672313d8ea3f48d1ac2 xbc
+e037939e309cada1d1412883bc1ea7fa xbd
+118c33f3bfc2f61765f0b3d2e62a2410 xbe
+9d4fd4942d10d3a0dd4596a9dfd4fd07 xbf
  3d6eaa7c823b99d57d4cc260a413963c xbg
-ccc776aea592d96290c8122c834796f0 xbh
-21e2914a91e1115ae0f08a2658f414d9 xbi
+a8c4b258b320ea148e7de35be12f9e45 xbh
+faad8d22906b3266a153a86fc3291a95 xbi
  e7a69049f57d7cc2c7d02c6ff1749815 xbj
  e7a69049f57d7cc2c7d02c6ff1749815 xbk
  75f64ea524a325ab8428543fc7e818ba xbl

Can you start your question on a separate email please? You can also read the SRM for more information.



in order to bring this to a close, perhaps it's time for an
executive decision that, as much as possible, images will use 7-zip
compression and will clearly indicate that. unzip is clearly
problematic, and if 7-zip is reliable on both windows and linux, then
why not just decide right now to use it and avoid all this grief?


I have already decided that. Give us a few days to get all this posted and the WIKI cleaned up.


Koen Kooi wrote:

Ubuntu has had serious problem with unzip in the past. Another reason to stay away from it.

from ubuntu or unzip?

both. AIUI gzip -d doesn't suffer from the problem