kernel 3.11.0-rc2 fails to boot on Pandaboard

The Pandaboard mailing list seems to have died, I have had no response from it since March 2012 so I'm trying

please do not post pandaboard support questions here, there is a dedicated pandaboard group for support…


Read the first 2 lines of my post to understand why I posted to the beagleboard list - a hope that someone might have a worthwhile suggestion to make, someone who also uses the close relative of the beagleboard.

Note that I also posted to the pandaboard group - I have done so twice.
Basically the pandaboard list seems inactive, IRC was no use either.

All my previous posts to the beagleboard list over years have been to do with my C3, XM and Beaglebone so this was not an attempt to pollute this list.