Kernel 3.14 vs 3.19

What's the timeline for "official" BeagleBone kernels beyond 3.8.13?

I'm wondering if I should work on getting 3.14 working without the cape
manager or wait for 3.19/3.20 and device-tree changesets if it's coming
"real soon now".

...of course since I need Xenomai patches (or decent performance from
PREEMPT_RT) to work with Machinekit, I might have to go with 3.14 even
if 3.19 is coming soon.

Well i'm going to do my best to keep, 3.14 & 3.19 in sync..

The overlay could be backported to 3.14, but it relies on a few
patches all over the kernel tree...

btw, v3.19-rc2 is a little buggy right now if you use the ethernet..
IRQ0 dmesg storm...


Robert, now that 3.19 is released, do you have any plans for making it work?
I’d love to see a 3.19 kernel for Debian :slight_smile:

For the records: vanilla 3.19 works with the beaglebone. I did not test
extensively (and especially have ignored networking) but in general it

I have updated the patch series from Andre Heider <>
for bbb-support of the uio-pruss driver against 3.19. It seems to work
ok for me. I have not yet tried to incorporate the feedback given in the
original thread:

Since I am unsure how to send patches to the mailinglist which are
originially from an other author I have prepared a mbox-file and have
put it online:

I hope this helps.


3.19 installs fine, but the capemgr is missing, is it not? Have anyone had any luck loading a cape overlay with a vanilla kernel?