Kernel 3.8 USB host problem

Hi All,

For our own development board we face an issue regarding the USB host controller. We applied al the patches from Robert C Nelson s tree, also regarding the USB host issues on the beagleboard.
Our compiled kernel does work on the Beagleboard with USB host, but on our own proto board (wich is different ofcourse compared to the BB but has exactly the same schematical connection for the USB connectors) we cannot get it working (Same Binary so Same Kernel Config).

Now we tried kernel 3.12 from the RobertCNelson tree, and supprisingly USB is working on the BB, but also on our Proto board!
I generated a lot of kernel debugging on the OMAP Registers (control module, USBSS, USB0 Core USB1 Core etc…) and posted them on Pastebin (See Links);

Kernel 3.8 (Not working):
Kernel 3.12 (Working):

So what we see is some differences in register values, but we dont really know if they are meaningfull regarding our project. and also we printed the entire memory region of the USB0 Core and the USB1 Core, but these are IP protected by TI so the defintion of these registers are not known to us.

If anybody has any clue on how to proceed please let us know!

As mentioned before on this forum we got the SGX drivers working for 3.8 so we are not that eager on jumping over to 3.12 directly, knowing what issues kernel version change can have.

In these last few kernel releases the mainline omap-ehci driver had been
rewritten, which caused a little pain between kernel versions.. Plus the
sprz319_erratum_v2.1 workaround is enabled by default in 3.12 in our
patchset (omap36xx based devices)..



when I measure the USB Host Voltage on the Interface with no device connected, I get 4.81V.
Can that be the reason for the many USB errors?