Kernel build config options

I’m Learning about rebuilding the kernel, using RCNelson’s patches.

The /boot/config-blah-blah-generic on my Ubuntu host PC is over 6000 lines.

Now clearly, most of this has no relevance to the BeagleBone and could be safely turned completely off. I’m wondering if there is a config file or documentation that will spell out for me the absolute minimum that needs to be included in a BeagleBone kernel if no capes are used? If I later add a cape I can enable support as needed.

I would expect to need all network and USB support, probably some memory management stuff… but lets assume that I truly will have no capes - that I don’t care about LCD panels, cameras, mice/keyboards, bluetooth, or any peripheral whatsoever. What else do I need for basic operation?

…/KERNEL/arch/arm/configs/am335x_evm_defconfig is about 2600 lines and I would guess might be the closest I’m going to find to what I’m looking for. This file includes some references to compression, cryptography, hashing… Does any of this ultimately get called by user space applications, or are equivalent functions from higher level libraries used in that case?

Can someone confirm what is needed/used where, and what the bare minimum options actually are?