Kernel compatibility for Beagle Board (not XM) rev. D ?

I have a Linux kernel built from Robert Nelson’s excellent instructions about a year ago, and it worked
great on the C5 Beagle Board. I now am trying to use the same kernel on the Rev D Beagle,
and it hangs and reboots. This is the first line on the serial port when the kernel start up:

Linux version 3.2.19-x13 (root@panda-a1-1gb) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3
-1ubuntu5) ) #1 SMP Tue Jun 5 08:48:31 UTC 2012

Sometimes it will run for a while, but now it gets to here and hangs :

[ 6.224456] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p2): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)
[ 7.322174] init: ureadahead main process (184) terminated with status 5

If this kernel is incompatible with the Rev D board, I will build another.



Care to attach your full serial bootlog from power on?


OK, here’s the log file, captured by minicom from the serial port header.

boothang.log (15 KB)

Humm, nothing odd, looks like it just can't find the serial login port...

Can you try the current image:

use: "--uboot beagle_cx"

You might even have to issue "nand erase.chip" in u-boot that way it
uses the SD card's u-boot over the nand's...


WOW! This procedure is WAAAAY simpler than the
“Ubuntu (manual install)” procedure! 20 minutes, and
the new kernel is running. Still need to do some configuring,
but thanks VERY much for this pointer! I never would have found it.