Kernel configuration for SGX drivers

I’ve been trying to get SGX drivers from TI’s GFX toolkit working with BBB. I am using Debian and tried kernels 3.8, 3.12, 3.13, 3.14 with no luck. I got kernel to compile, installed the TI SGX drivers, but anytime I try to run any of the demo apps, I get they return “unable to create EGL surface” errors. All test programs run fine, PVR services start, etc. I think that I am using a wrong framebuffer drivers. For my display, I have a 7" LCD with cape (BB-VIEW), I’ve changed the device tree to work with this lcd, and I am using tilcdc drivers - I’ve tried switching to da8xx-fb, but I can’t get it to work with my LCD display. Any hits would be appreciated. Also while on the same topic, what environment are people using for accelerated video on BBB. I understand that X11 DRI drivers are not out yet (if ever) - I have a application that is mainly 2D GUI, but does require acceleration. I was thinking of using QT.