Kernel configuration with OpenEmbedded

I am trying to configure a kernel and build it with OpenEmbedded, but
so far I have not succeeded. I have successfully build the console-
image, and then I do:

bitbake virtual/kernel -c clean
bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig
bitbake virtual/kernel -c compile -f
bitbake virtual/kernel -c deploy

-but the configuration I make in menuconfig never gets to the kernel
build by OE.

If I do 'menuconfig' twice, I am able to see the changes made the
first time when i enter menuconfig the second time, so things are
getting saved. But if I do 'menuconfig' after a compile and deploy, I
can no longer see the changes I made. So it seams like my changes are

Can anybody please tell me why I am not able to configure the kernel?
Am I doing it the wrong way?


Try it without deploy …


Hello there!

Does anyone know if the OMAP includes a Time Stamp Counter, like all new x86 processors have, and how it can be accessed?

I am working on some algorithms in C, and a Time Stamp Counter would be a great thing to measure their speed.

Maybe its access is even implemented into the kernel, but I don’t know.

Best regards

Sebastian Kruber

The defconfig is stored in recipes/linux/linux-omap-//defconfig

What I usually do is:

  1. bitbake virtual/kernel -c configure
  2. cd tmp/work/foo/bar/git ; make menuconfig
  3. cp .config /OE/openembedded/recipes/linux/linux-omap-//defconfig
  4. bitbake bitbake virtual/kernel -c compile -f ; bitbake virtual/kernel -c deploy
  5. goto 2)

Step 3 is there to ensure that my changes don’t get lost when cleaning the recipe.



I think deploy step deletes everything and keeps image in deploy dir.
So can’t we modify bb script to avoid this ??
Correct me if I am getting wrong …


Thanks, it worked perfectly!


2009/10/12 Koen Kooi <>

I also just tested Koen's kernel procedure and it definitely works!