Kernel [def]Config Confusion (Or, is USB Turned Off In The Console Image?)

I had built an Angstrom distribution for the Beagleboard with no changes to the bitbake recipes or other settings. I just wanted to get a clean and successful build using the default options that had been decided on for me.

Once that was done, I wanted to put the build of a console image on an SD card, and boot it.

Then I wanted to login at the terminal that my DVI cable had open and play a little.

The problem is, I can't do that. My USB keyboard isn't being recognized. The kernel messages don't seem to detect it.

Paul suggested I check the defconfig files for CONFIG_HID=y and CONFIG_HID_SUPPORT=y.

I checked a few of these, and they all appear to have these values turned on.

It seems logical to me that both the console and and X images for the Beagleboard would have USB support turned on by default. The demo X image does.

Is USB turned on by default?

For a console image, which defconfig file is the right one for the kernel? Does anyone know? There are a lot of them and I'm hoping to focus my efforts better.

Also, are the kernel config settings echoed to a log file as part of the compile process? For the console image, where is that log file?

I guess I need to learn how to do a kernel compile, the openembedded way. And yes I've been looking through the tutorial here ---> but I don't see anything specific to kernel builds.


Bob Cochran

Which USB port are you plugging your keyboard into?


Hi Gerald,

I have a CyberPower brand, 7-port powered hub that I plug into the Beagle's USB port and then I plug the keyboard into the hub. Also a Dell optical mouse. I do not use the OTG port. Maybe I should? When I tried using the OTG port, neither the mouse nor the keyboard would work. So I use the other USB port on the Beagle.

I've noticed that if I run the X version of Angstrom (the files used for this are taken from the Angstrom demo web page for Beagleboard), the mouse sometimes does not work for periods of 10-30 seconds -- I can't move the mouse arrow and the red optical light underneathe the mouse is turned off. But the keyboard, until now, has always been reliable. I'm using this same keyboard connected to the same hub which is plugged into a laptop computer.



Can you do "cat /proc/bus/usb/devices" and post the output?

If there's nothing there, do "mount -t usbdevfs none /proc/bus/usb" and try again.


Just wanted to make sure as the Host port is High Speed only. But as you are using the HUB, this should not be an issue, at least from the base functionality aspect. Something else is getting in your way.


Hi Paul and Gerald,

I'll do this tomorrow. I'm working tonight. Thanks a lot to both of you for helping.