Kernel/distribution advice for running BB XM with Camera, OpenCV, and networking


After months of working with the BeagleBone Black and OpenCV + v4l2, I’m trying to move our OpenCV work over to the BeagleBoard xM platform and take advantage of the direct camera interface port with a Leopard Imaging LI-5M03 camera (instead of the USB cameras we’ve been using with the BBB) to hopefully improve the video capture rate and OpenCV processing rate.

However, I find a confusing mixture of outdated system images and build instructions for the BB xM. Compared to the excitement around the BBB, the BB xM feels somewhat like a ghost town. Now that I’m comfortable running Angstrom and systemd on BBB, I find that the Narcissus build server will apparently only successfully build images for an outdated Linux kernel without systemd.

For those of you who are successfully using the BB xM with OpenCV and v4l2, what recipe are you following? I’ve been trying to follow somewhat older examples (such as this: without much success. The images either don’t build, don’t boot or are really crippled compared with the BBB environment.

I’d like to start with a known good image with support for things like v4l2, opencv, and wlan…doesn’t need to run X11 even, just so long as I can ssh to the box and run our video capture and processing code. I’d also like to run the simplest linux possible since I have no need to do anything else on the video processing box. Can anyone point me to such a thing?

Thanks for any help!