kernel does not boot


i got the omap kernel (git clone
and compiled it with buildroot. but it does not boot.
u-boot says
loading kernel image ... OK
Starting kernel ...
uncompressing linux... done, booting the kernel.

then nothing.
the console (ttyS2,115200n8) on boot args should be ok.
i also would assume that the boot args from u-boot override the boot
in the kenel menuconfig.

any ideas?

This is FAQ: If this kernel is newer than 2.6.35, you probably need to use ttyO2

Hi Jochen,

the console must be ttyO2 not ttyS2.


No idea what kernel version, since your email is lacking that important detail..

But, double check your .config, if you have "CONFIG_SERIAL_OMAP" set,
it's "ttyO2" not ttyS2.. Which would be the first thing i'd check
with that issue..



thanks, with ttyO2 it now starts to boot.
kernel version is 3.0.0-rc7-11317-g885cf6f, but it's the omap branch

now it stops at Starting network...

i have only compiled in a driver for moschip mcs7830 usb network

it seems that busybox wants to start a getty after starting network
if i use ttyO2 then it says /dev/ttyO2 not found.
for ttyS0 or ttyS2 i don't see anything, also not on a monitor
attached to the hdmi port.

any ideas?
thanks, jochen

how do you handle devices in /dev/? Have you activated devtmpfs? Have you changed tty device in /etc/inittab?

now it works if i use /dev/console. seems that something is wrong with
the video output