Kernel error with VGA camera

Hi Everyone,

I am using the Leopard VGA camera with the BBxM and receive an error when running the beagleboard testcamera script:

“user.err kernel: [2005.109] mt9v113 2-003c: invalid control id 9963785”

I am running 2.6.32 with Angstrom (error happens with both the demo image and x11 image).

Anyone know what this error indicates? And/or how to correct it?



It is a V4l2 error. The user side media player is trying to set a
parameter that the camera doesn't recognize. Which one... I don't
know. I would look through the V4l2 documentation and see what
9963785 correlates to. Hope that helps.



Thanks for your help. Ill take a look at the V4l2 docs.