Kernel headers for Linux beaglebone 3.13.6-bone8

Anybody has a clue where can I get the kernel headers? does not work.


For Angstrom, you can install the kernel-dev and kernel-headers packages. This will be enough to compile kernel modules.

There have been times in the past where the packages where out of sync with the actual kernel being used. Not sure what the current state is. Check the stable branch…lol, just kidding.

Perhaps one of these:

Nethertheless very usefull and easy to use. Its very easy to compile the kernel on the own.

Got it working from there! Thx!

Vlad Ungureanu:

Got it working from there! Thx!

Youre welcome.

I used angstrom with the original beagleboard and thats why I love the new setup with the scripts and so on. Very easy and its working out of the box.