Kernel Panic

Hello Guys,

I just got my beagleboard XM in the mail yesterday and have been
having some issues getting it running. I'm generally new to embedded
systems, besides FPGA boards and the Cerebot II. Anyway, I tried
booting my board up with a usb cable connected from my desktop
computer to the usb on the bboard. An orange screen comes up, and
then it runs through some commands and gets stuck on the classic
"Kernel Panic-not syncing: Fatal Exception in the Interrupt!". I
searched for this error and from what I understood (maybe
incorrectly), is that I simply can't boot from a usb cable. Is this
correct? I also tried booting using a wall supply that should have
been right at 5 volts, but a red light came on and it never booted.
The last thing I tried briefly was one of those DC battery packs that
has 4 AA batteries hooked up to the 5V input. I figured a tad over 5
volts wouldn't be too bad as there should be filter capacitors and
what not. I can still get the orange screen and "kernel panic"
scenario to run whenever I boot through the usb so I'm fairly certain
I didn't damage my board in my experimental power source scenarios.
Additionally, whenever I left my room the other day I came back in and
lo and behold it was working. I have not been able to replicate that
scenario again no matter how hard I try. Any help would be greatly
appreciated. I have looked over the manual before, but find this
method of communication is a bit more direct.

If it helps I'm connecting it to my lcd television/monitor through and
HDMI cable.

as you said, there is a bug with usb connected to the host PC at boot,
disconnect the cable and it should boot fine from 5V DC-IN.

if you don't want to boot "blind", connect a serial cable (via .e.g
USB2serial) and you can observe the boot process and login.