Kernel sources for a specific version

I have recently updated my Beaglebone kernel to the latest 3.2.16, but I am having some issues with mounting SD cards and watchdog error messages. The last version that does not have these problems is:

3.2.11+ #1 Sat Mar 24 16:46:14 CDT 2012 armv7l GNU/Linux

I also need to rebuild the kernel in order to enable the spidev. My question is how do I get the appropriate sources for the 3.2.11 version?



The generic answer for "how do I get the source of <foo>" is:

  Follow the instructions at

You can get the sources of older versions by checking out older revisions of the layers where that packages lives. For 3.2.11 you can have a look at:

But give 3.2.18-r12c a try first, that has all the fixes from TI. If something like USB doesn't work please report it to TI (Jason would be a nice target for that).



Thanks Koen. Unfortunately the 3.2.18 doesn't appear to work either. Could you explain a bit further how I report bugs to TI, and Jason?



Hi Koen and David,
Koen are you saying that I can download the files the link:
and compile the files using cross-compiler toolchain??

2012/5/24 David Lambert <>