kernel tools/iio


I would like to know how to compile this tools for the beaglebone black ?

I Tried, but I didn’t succeed yet !

Any idea ?

These tasks are for you to get familiar with the IIO subsystem. You do not need to claim these via the Outreachy tasks page. For IIO related questions you can join #linux-iio IRC channel (server

Please email your solutions to amsfield22 at gmail dot com and daniel.baluta at gmail dot com. Your email should have the subject Task XX: Short task description

They would probably be able to help you better there ( the IRC channel ) Micka.

I would like to be that simple !

But it looks like that all the header that I need are in this folder : /usr/src/linux-headers-4.4.13-bone11/include/linux/iio/

It’s working now !