kernel v3.16 + PWM

It seems as though PWM does not work in v3.16 as in earlier kernels. Am I overlooking something or does PWM not work yet in the more recent kernel versions?


All the instructions that I can find are for the Cape Manager, so pre v3.14 (I think). From what I gather, Robert Nelson is currently in the process of getting all capes working for v3.14 and then forward-porting to v3.16 - is that correct? If so, then I suppose my best course of action is to simply wait for the PWM cape to work its way up Robert’s cape list and eventually a am335x-bone-pwm DTB file should show up in the /boot/dtbs directory after updating my BBB, correct? Robert if you read this, do you have a general order of which capes you’re working on first? I’d guess the ones you have on-hand? Of course there’s no rush - I’m just curious and I can wait until later to implement PWM in my project anyway. Without Robert I’d be much farther behind in my progress than I am due to his continued help. Keep up the excellent work!

P.S. - will getting PWM working for capes also mean the LCD backlight can be adjusted again vs just on or off?