Kernel version

Hello again,

What is the difference between linux kernel version omap1, omap2, and omap3?

Is the omap1 version suitable for the beagleboard?

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Since you are looking at the Angstrom distribution, you should see which kernel configuration is being used to build for the Beagle Board. There are several devices in the OMAP1x, OMAP2x, and OMAP3x families. OMAP1x are typically ARM9-based, OMAP2x are typically ARM11-based, and OMAP3x are typically Cortex-A8-based. That is probably an excessive simplification.

There is quite a bit of compatibility between the OMAP2420/OMAP2430 devices and the OMAP3530 device used in Beagle, which results in many of the files being shared within the omap2 subfolder. However, in the kernel configuration you should select OMAP3. OMAP1 is not suitable for running on the Beagle Board.