Kernel versions supporting QEP on BBB ?

I am trying to get the eqep to work on my BBB.
I know that the tieqep driver is not yet working with kernels 4.4

I have updated my kernel to 4.1.27-ti-rt-r64 , but I still can’t load the bone_eqep2 overlay, after recompiling it from
It loads in …/slots, but nothing appear in /sys/devices/platform/ocp/48304000.epwmss/48304180.eqep/
And dmesg reports an error :
eqep 48302180.eqep: could not find pctldev for node /ocp/interrupt-controller@48200000, deferring probe

As far as I remember this was the error message with kernel 4.4
Did I missed something or is the eqep also not currently working on kernel 4.1 ?