Kernels hang while booting from MMC


I have a Beagleboard C5 and I am stuck at the stage where Angstrom
loading screen has showed up but it hangs. The progress bar seems to
be staying at 60% completion forever.

Here was what I did. I followed the instructions from both sites.

I noticed from
that there are two versions of MLO and u-boot, and uImage and there
are 3 versions of Anstrom-...bz2 files. It is unclear to me which
versions are up-to-date.

Here is what I put in the SD card,
For 1st partition:

For 2nd partition

Now, the u-boot commands are a little tricky. I am not sure if I
should follow the u-boot commands at
or both.

When I only use the uboot command from,
which are:

mmc init
mmc rescan 0
fatload mmc 0 82000000 MLO
nand unlock
nandecc hw
nand erase 0 80000
nand write 82000000 0 20000
nand write 82000000 20000 20000
nand write 82000000 40000 20000
nand write 82000000 60000 20000
fatload mmc 0 0x80200000 u-boot.bin
nand unlock
nand ecc sw
nandecc sw
nand erase 80000 170000
nand write 0x80200000 80000 170000

I would see the message that the kernel is loading............
but it would hang there.

When I use the boot command from,
I would get error messages.

Can someone please comment where the latest sources of information are
for Beagleboard C5 and which commands I should really use?

Any suggestions would be really helpful!

Thank you!


Please refer the below link

forther more please follow links