keyboard and mouse trouble

I'm having trouble with my wireless keyboard and mouse work on bootup yet a few minutes into operation the stop working please I need help I bought a BBB believing it could work as well as a raspberry pi thanks for your help ajhiii

So, which one did you buy? Was it the one on the list of accessories? Are you plugging it in before you power on the board?


Gerald I'm not sure if its on the list I have used these on my raspberry pi b model without a problem they are wireless not WiFi they use a dongle and yes they are plugged in before power up thanks for your reply not sure where your list of approved hardware is thanks ajhiii070

There is a web address on the card that came in the box.

That is where you go for support questions.

Go there and select “Accessories”. You will then have one more link to select.

On the new page select “Keyboards”. There is the list of keyboards that Linux supports.


Thanks again Gerald the model I have is not on the list its a gear head kb3750w its funny that it works than stops I'll keep trying gonna make it work one way or another thanks ajhiii070

That is indeed strange. I have used Gearhead before, but not sure about wireless.

How are you powering your board? Maybe it is a power issue.


I have seen something similar early on with a wired PS2 keyboard/mouse with a USB adapter. I have also booted into X with no cursor only to have it appear after login. I’m using Ubuntu 13.04 with the mousetweaks package loaded.

Good news all, changed USB cable and mouse and keyboard work once again thanks Gerald for all the suggestions and encouragement