Keyboard and Mouse


I am booting Android from USB on BB-xm but couldnt use keyboard and mouse.Mouse power led is active but dont working.
Any help?

Is the keyboard and mouse connected directly to BB or via USB 2.0 hub?

BeagleBoard doesn’t support slow 1.5Mbit and 12Mbit USB protocol. Just the high speed 480Mbit protocol. If you want to use “slow” devices, such as mouse or keyboard, it has to be connected via USB 2.0 hub.


Dne 8.6.2011 8:39, batuhan gundogdu napsal(a):

I think bb-xm has usb 2.0 support?

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2011/6/8 Tomáš Franke <>

The -xM does indeed support USB2.0…


Batuhan if your beagleboard version is xM C then usb won't work. Well
it needs hardware detection patches. Currently Robert Nelson has one
working image. He shared it with but this version also has problems
(extreamly slow.).
See these links below;

or you can contact me