Keyboard Issue, Beagle xM detects board, but not excepting key strokes

Hi, I just got the Beagle xM. Since I have searched "Lots" of
questions and answers on this topic, non that I came upon have
answered the trouble I am seeing. With a "self powered (5VDC, 2.5A,)
High Speed" USB hub and keyboard connected, then powering up the board
with a "5VDC 4.0A switcher, the xM board does detect and list the
correct equiptment in the post in the terminal window. However, at the
prompt for the password, xM does not except any key strokes. If I then
unplug the keyboard, the xM indicates the detection of the unplugged
device. When I plug the keyboard back in, xM indicates that too.

A link to a good post with the answer would be appreciated. Thank you.