keyboard not functioning on BBXM

I connect the BBXM to the PC using RS232 serial cable to the serial port on PC. The PC OS is Ubuntu 11. I change the permeation for the serial port to 777. the booting is done successfully for the BBXM and Angstrom is loaded when connected to power supply. but I couldn’t write anything for the user name using he keyboard connected to the PC.
Any help please regarding this issue.

Are you sure you have the correct cable configuration?


i follow this configuration for the serial port

  • Serial Device: /dev/ttyS0 (replace # with the correct number you found in the steps above)
  • Bps/Par/Bits: 115200 8N1
  • Hardware Flow Control: Yes
  • Software Flow Control: No

Has to be:

Hardware flow control: NO

yes it works, Thanks alot