KVM Switch issues with BeagleBone Black

I just got a Micro-HDMI cable and DVI adapter and plugged the BeagleBone Black into my 4-port KVM switch. The KVM is USB2.0 and VGA, so I am connecting the Keyboard and mouse through it, but the uHDMI-out goes directly to a DVI converter then the monitor. This means I have to physically unplug the BBB uHDMI-out from the monitor when I switch over, but I can deal with that till the uHDMI to VGA gets here. In the mean time it works fine until I change to other work stations and then come back. I can unplug either the mouse or keyboard from the 4-port USB hub, and it drops that device in the lsusb report, but re-adds it when I hook it back in. But as soon as I remove both, or switch to another KVM port, it drops both devices from lsusb and then I can’t get back into it. Apparently my cheapy switch doesn’t emulate the hardware… I am currently running the original Angstrom, 6.20.2013 I think? Is there a way to get around this? Maybe make linux not check for the USBs being pulled, or just not care?

I don’t know if if there were changes that could impact this, but the image you are using is a little on the old side. You could try the latest version and get a different result.


Generally speaking, if the SW can’t read a EEPROM, HW emulation, then it most likely will not work. As to pulling USB, Linux is not all that forgiving of that event.


Thank you for the response. Just for future reference for anyone else with the same question, the newer(est? - 2013-09-04) Angstrom version available at this time does the same thing, but Ubuntu 12.04 with either the full desktop or LXDE does not, allowing you to rotate through workstations with a non-emulating KVM switch with no problem.