L6470 on BBB?


Just wondering if anyone has any experience using the L470 over SPI with the BBB?

I followed this post:


And built this example code:


But have had no luck getting it to work with the Sparkfun L6470 breakout, used in the example.
I was able to get the breakout to work with an Arduino running the AutoDriver Library, so I know the board is good.

On the BBB, I’m fairly sure I’m loading the right overlay, because:

L6470/SFL6470/bin# ls /dev | grep spi*

(I loaded both of the BBB’s SPI, just in case)

But when I build and run the above code, I get an error that indicates the L6470 isn’t found:

These two lines from main.cpp:

L6470 motA(new FS_SPI(900000, “/dev/spidev1.0”));
L6470 motB(new FS_SPI(900000, “/dev/spidev1.1”));

produce these error messages:

root@beaglebone:~/development/L6470/SFL6470/bin# ./dspin-test
Created L6470 objects

Motor: BE9E3B90 : 0x0000
Can’t Initialize motA Driver
Motor: BE9E3B7C : 0x0000
Can’t Initialize motB DriverNo Drivers Found. Aborting!Aborted

I’m a bit at a loss for how to proceed with troubleshooting, and would welcome some advice OR code that works with an L6470 if anyone has some.

In any case, thanks for the help!


Hi Chris,

I’m having exactly the same problem. Did you ever find a solution? I’ll give Spark a call tomorrow and see if they might be of any assistance. When I find an answer I’ll be sure to post again.