Lack of Linux Headers?

Hey everyone,

I've just run Ubuntu on my Beagleboard for the first time and it feels
great. Currently it's running Xubuntu 10.04.1 . However, I've had
trouble building packages.

I've been trying to use a DisplayLink LCD screen, and part of the
instruction on installing displaylink drivers involves a package
called "udlfb". When I enter "make" under the udlfb directory, there
is an error:

It really depends on which kernel you are running.. If you are
running ubuntu's supported kernel, the headers are available in the

However if your running one of my images (2.6.35.x-lx syntax with
uname -a) you'll have built it against the src/tree here..


Hi Robert,

I'm not sure how can I derive headers from the given rev.
Say I need headers for, is there a patch I can apply to
the standard ubuntu linux-headers?

I'm trying to build a kernel module and get some mismatch on module
installation, possibly be due to headers difference.

Thanks in advance,

Not from ubuntu's linux-headers but you can make it yourself from mainline..

Get 2.6.35 + from

DL Patch and config:

patch source, add defconfig as .config then run:

make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=${CC} headers_install


Thank you Robert,

Seems like headers_install exports headers for the user space and
could be not enough for building a kernel module, as I learned.
I ended up building the kernel and pointing /lib/modules/<uname -r>/
build to the tree. Perhaps it's an overkill and there is an easier way
to extract all the needed stuff from the source tree.

Thanks again for your help,