laptop doesn't recognize bbb as a storage device


I am a newbie so i’m sorry if this problem is very easy. but i couldn’t solve it by myself.
i got a beaglebone black A5C a week ago from Farnell

when i connect the bbb to laptop the process is like below

  1. power led is on
  2. four seconds later usr0 is on
  3. after that usr1 and usr2 are on
  4. all the usr leds are on
  5. usr0 is heartbeating

enclosed you can find a file which shows led status when connected.

I installed the bone_drv.exe program.

i left the bbb connected to laptop more than 30 minutes but laptop didn’t recognize it. I’ve tried a win7 laptop, winxp laptop, winxp desktop pc, win7 64bit desktop pc but none of them recognize it.

so i have used several different usb cables and the result is unfortunately same.

I have checked the usb cables by avometer. the cables are ok.

I have downloaded usbview program and connected the bbb and i see the program doesnt recognize it.

but beaglebone black’s leds are blinking so it seems like running but usb connection.

bbbleds.mp4 (5.35 MB)

come on you guys keep the attachments down to 2-3 k

sorry for that. I just want to show leds’ status.

Plug ethernet cable and connect over SSH. Type lsusb and check there must be at least 2 USB hubs. If one or none try flash the device. After software update I faced a problem like this.