larger eMMC (8GB) from Micron could not be recognized by the system

Hi all,

I designed our own board based on BeagleBoard X15 Rev A. when using 4GB eMMC from Kingston same as X15, eMMC could be recognized. Then in order to have larger ROM space, I changed it to 8GB eMMC from Micron. It is the same footprint with larger capacity. Chip could not be recognized anymore. I am wondering is there any place in device tree file that specify the capacity of eMMC that I need to change?

Best, Yicheng

There's nothing about the size for eMMC..

Where the 4gb/8gb chip's the same base model?


That was what I thought. To me, it is MMC interface and size should not be the problem. I have used two for test.



Either one of them could work.


I’m curious… Did you resolve this issue or have any more information?

We’ve got a custom board about to come in with the 5718 and we’re base-lined on the BeagleBoard-X15 image (Debian 8.6, kernel V 4.4.30-ti-r64), and we’re using different memory than what comes with the BeagleBoard-X15 572xEVM.



For what it is worth, I recently re-worked a 2G (Micron) BBB to use a 16GB Sandisk eMMC. No system software tweaks were required. The part I used was


On Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 4:26:22 PM UTC-4, Yicheng Bai wrote:

Special Computing can do eMMC/DDR3L replacement upgrades on existing boards.