Latest Image - Spring 2020 Release - Final RC

Our Final RC is now up, sorry it took a little longer this week!

For those BeagleBone-AI/X15 users you may have noticed the massively
updated OpenCL/TIDL stack..

We are now feature parity with TI's SDK! (We even have the
same x15 OpenCL + v4.19.x-ti bug)

So the Buster TIDL image is now v4.14.x-ti as that works, so until the
engineers at TI figure out what broke, it will be v4.14.x-ti..

There was also a late, package miss for the TIDL images, they are
missing libopencv-dev, which is now fixed:

On am57xx, for any users who are using a usb web camera, there is a
breaking change, /dev/video0 is now created on bootup for TI's VPE mem
to mem driver: A TI engineer has
figured out how to utilize that to speed up TIDL routines, (changes
not out yet..)

So look for /dev/video1 for your usb device

I'm still working on a few bugs listed here:

But missing some hardware components, they are somewhere in my boxes
of random hardware..

So Please test, next week is "Beta", the on April 6th, it'll be