Latest Image - Spring 2020 Release

Okay, it's release day!

Did we fix everything? Nope, but let's just push that back to August
3rd, 2020...

So the Spring 2020 Release is out, i'm pretty happy with.. Although i
need to setup a better "final" testing rig..

As working thru this took most of my Saturday away, but i did test
EveryThing with Windows 10, so there should be ZERO Windows 10 bugs..
(don't install any drivers..)

BBAI's usb OTG is still buggy, but it's been broken since the last
release anyways, so let's just keep trying to fix it..

So yeah, i'm very happy with the images for am335x..

Please keep adding bugs to the list:

But, just a heads up, i won't be around 24/7 for the next couple
weeks, as catch up on other work related projects. :wink: