LCD 3.5 Cape Blocks all Analog Input Pins on Beaglebone Black

Ok, that’s good to know. But first an update: I hooked up my temperature sensor and have been reading the voltage via /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device0/in_voltageX successfully. So it is working… those analog pins certainly are available. But the results are strange. Sometimes it looks right (the temperature reading is what is should be) but sometimes it drifts off. Maybe some effects from the LCD’s analog input pin usage, I need to verify that the readings are solid without the LCD cape. I’m going to experiment more with using these ADC pins before I go the I2C route. I’m going to try the other channels (I’m currently using AIN6) to see if results are any different.

Well good luck. I think you may end up with the Adc!