LCD and ADC simultaneously


I am running Ubuntu 12.10 (GNU/Linux 3.2.32-psp25 armv7l) in a Beaglebone. I have a LCD7 touchscreen installed.

I want to read some analog signals with my board, connecting them to AIN5, AIN6 and AIN7, but when I read any of these inputs, I lose the touchscreen functionality.

Does anyone have detected the same behaviour? Is there any way to use the touchscreen and the AD inputs at the same time?

Thanks in advance.


I have found this page:’s_Guide

where I have seen this:

Platform data

ADC platform data is not added by default. To add the same make changes in board file(arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-am335xevm.c) as shown below.

<i>#include <linux/platform_data/ti_adc.h>
<i>static struct adc_data am335x_adc_data = {
        .adc_channels = 4,
<i>static struct mfd_tscadc_board tscadc = {
        .tsc_init = &am335x_touchscreen_data,
        .adc_init = &am335x_adc_data,

The parameter “adc_channels” needs to hold data related to how many channels you want to use for ADC.

  • If ADC and touchscreen are used together, add platform data as shown above.

Does anyone know what it means? Is it supposed that I have to download Kernel Source Code, change those parameters and recompile the kernel to get TS and ADC working together?

Hello again.

I have tried to rebuild with the changes suggested but it doesn’t work. I can’t rebuild because there is not "linux/platform_data/ti_adc.h" in my source code.

Searching the web I have found this:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/adc-fixes

It seems that the fix is quite recent, so maybe is not implemented in Ubuntu yet. I wonder how long it takes to be included in a Ubuntu image release. Does anyone know it? Thanks.

There is a patched version for a multi-function device TSC/ADC MFD in other linux distributions.

It seems that TSC/ADC MFD is not available in Ubuntu yet.

Does anybody know how to make a patch request in Ubuntu for a beaglebone?

Thanks in advance